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  1. Pay off the entire mortgage balance
  2. Pay the mortgage for one to two years to allow for a time of grieving, planning and time for arrangement to be made to sell, move, refinance or get a reverse mortgage.

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After buying a home, condo, townhouse, mobile home, investment property, or commercial property, as the borrower you may have substantial mortgages that will remain unpaid if insurance is not provided to leave these properties free and clear for your heirs after death. A Mortgage Protection Plan will pay your mortgage note if you become disabled due to an accident or illness or if your employer lays you off. Statistics show 12 in 100 die before paying off their home, while 48% of all foreclosures are the result of disability.

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  1. Choice of Beneficiary: you decide who receives the proceeds from the program in the event of death. At such time, the beneficiary has several options based on the amount and type of plan purchased.  Three of which could be:
    1. Pay off the mortgage in one lump sum.
    2. Pay off a portion of the mortgage/refinance in order to lower monthly payments.
    3. Use the death benefits to “buy time” to allow for grieving and help with time to sell the house for what it is worth in order to collect all the equity from the home vs a fire sale and loss. Most people will have a plan to buy 12 to 36 months’ worth of payments covering ALL bills and expenses.
  2. Portable: if you sell your home and buy another or refinance your present mortgage, the plan can simply move with you to continue and protect your next mortgage. No matter how many homes you buy, move or refinance, you will never have to qualify for another plan or risk losing the one you have.
  3. Death Benefit Remains Level: The death benefit remains level for the length of your mortgage protection policy. Unlike many other mortgage protection plans, the benefits decrease each year while your premiums remain the same.
  4. Guaranteed Rates: Premium rates are guaranteed for the full length of the term.
  5. 24 Hour Coverage Accident or Sickness: Many banks offer mortgage protection plans that will only pay if death is caused by an accident.  We use policies that pay regardless whether the death is caused by accident or sickness.
  6. Additional Accidental Death Benefit and Common Carrier Death Benefit: An additional death benefit, equal to 50% of your base death benefit, will be paid to your beneficiaries if the death occurs as a result of an accident injury. An additional 100% of your base death benefit will be paid to your beneficiaries if the death occurs from an accidental  injury while riding as a fare-paying passenger on a common carrier.
  7. LIVING BENEFITS: You do not have to die to access these policy benefits in order to help you to protect your family. Commonly included, at NO ADDITIONAL COST, are benefits payable for Chronic Illness, Critical Illness, and Terminal Illness.  You may request either a fill or partial acceleration of your policy’s death benefit if the insured suffers from any of the following…
    1. Chronic Illness: Defines as being unable to perform at least 2 activities of daily living for 90 continues days.
    2. Critical Illness: Is one or more of the following conditions: ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease, End State Renal Disease (kidney failure), Invasive Cancer, Major Organ Failure, Heart Attack or Stroke.
    3. Terminal Illness: Any diagnosis that is reasonably expected to result int eh insured’s death within 12 months or less.
  8. Cash Back Options: You have the option of receiving a FULL or HALF REFUND on ALL premiums that were paid into this policy should you not receive any benefits during the coverage period. One of the most popular ways of utilizing this benefit is that you receive the Cash Back Option 5-10 years before the end of the mortgage, in which you can use the refund premium to PAY OFF the remainder of your mortgage loan early.  This can save tens of thousands of dollars in mortgage payments.

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This rider provides you with peace of mind in the event the insured involuntarily loses his/her job subject to the rider’s terms.

Your mortgage premium payments may be made for you for up to six months after a one-month waiting period.

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This rider provides that the total current premium will be waived, if the base Insured becomes totally disabled after 180 consecutive days of disability.  The premium will be waived from the date of disability for the duration of the disability.

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This rider allows for the Insured and the Additional Insured (spouse) to receive monthly benefit payments in the event of a total disability.

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This allows you to designate how your death benefit is to be paid.

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These riders allow you to include your entire family so that this singular policy can act as a consolidated product covering all your life insurance needs under one policy.

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This plan is one of the most competitive life insurance products on the market today. There are a variety of options available that provide levels of protection that may be tailored just for your needs. Pricing depends on the amount you need, riders you add, your age, and overall health.

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  • 1 in 100 people lose their home through fire.
  • 12 in 100 people die before paying off their mortgage.
  • 1 in 8 people become disabled each year.
  • 48% of all mortgage foreclosures are the result of a disability.
  • Between the ages of 35 and 65, seven out of ten people will become disabled for three months or longer.

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